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It was nice to take an itsy bitsy break and forget for a teeny weeny moment all the craziness waiting for me this week. Thanks, and much love, Toronto (and Holt Renfrew) #toronto #livelikechristine #ohcanada🇨🇦 #holtrenfrew #leylahattar Chill day. No, literally. I just wished you were in this picture @leylah.attar. #ohcanada🇨🇦 #livelikechristine #toronto I bet the time I spent in the customs line lasted much longer than this meeting. #ohcanada🇨🇦 #thursdaymadness #toronto #leoburnett More often than not, it's a long, long climb to the top. So just enjoy the (elevator) ride, will you? #thelondonweho #livelikechristine #inthislife2016 Coming home  to fall. #blessed #fall🍁 #sundaymorning #midwestliving Halfway into the month of big decisions. #October #blessed #prayers #lifeisbeautiful #livelikechristine

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Which way to go?

Which Way?

They say that change is a constant. That it’s inevitable. And yet, like everyone else, I seem to struggle with it every time it comes knocking at my door. Just when I think I’ve finally adjusted, when I’ve got a routine that seems to work, something happens to throw me

What We Give to the World

I don’t know. Today seems to be just as good a day as any to weigh in on what’s been bugging me lately. Like the rest of the country (and the world, for that matter), I did manage to catch a few minutes of the most recent presidential debate.  It

A Passion for Fashion

I loved clothes and fashion even before I loved to write. My grandmother used to tell me over and over again about how at age three, I would sit by the seamstress everyday and watch her make my clothes. When I was growing up, my mother, herself a fashion model,


California Dreaming

I know, so cliché. And I’m totally aware that I need to write all about my trip to L.A. It was a trip filled with incredible memories. But since this visit is linked to many things I still can’t talk about, I want to share what I’ve learned instead. Here’s

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