My Dearest Reader

Wow!  More than 2,000 followers! I’m still wondering how we ever got to this point. When I wrote The Light in the Wound, I never imagined that a whole new world would open up to me. That I would meet so many new friends and my life would change significantly.  This has definitely been a year of learning, and growing and well….

I’m in between books right now, writing down some thoughts for a new project. So I’m going to take out my need to write something on this post.


How many of you have read it? It’s different, isn’t it? More of a women’s fiction type story with different kinds of love woven into the events that happened in Jade’s life.  And the reaction to this book. Somehow, I expected it. I struggled to hit the PUBLISH button on this one simply because I knew that it wasn’t going to be for everyone. That it would touch some raw nerves. And boy, did it ever!

Unlike Alex and Isa and Jesse’s story, Jade isn’t someone you can love unless you’ve walked in her shoes.

But I’ve never really been one to follow trends. I stay out of the fray, keep out of the traffic. I do my own thing and don’t step into anyone else’s territory.

Sure, there is some confusion about timeline, and some dislike for the characters. I am an inexperienced writer with a lot to learn. I get that. And I take to heart all the advice you can give me regarding ways to grow and develop with my craft. Get me on the technical stuff. I want to learn from all of you.

Writing about infidelity and violence is difficult. Calling out the fact that many of us are leading a life of routine and indifference is difficult.  Forgiving someone who has hurt you in the physical sense is difficult.

And you never really know how you would react to things like this until it happens to you.

You can wake up one morning with no clue whatsoever that today is the day that your life will change forever. You will meet someone who will turn your world upside down. For better or for worse, it doesn’t matter how you maneuver your way while in the eye of the storm. What matters is that you eventually emerge from it all, wounded and battered yet stronger and more resilient.

I wrote Insipid because I felt the need to share this story with many women out there who live with the same kind of guilt every day. The guilt of living in obscurity. The guilt of falling head over heels in love with someone else. The guilt of harbored secrets and tormented thoughts.  I wrote this book because I needed to pour my heart into something outside of myself.

And the many messages I have received! For every one bad review, I have two or three who let it be known that they know exactly what Jade went through. That the book made them angry because it threw the truth about their lives right back in their face. But that it also gave them hope.

I wrote Insipid for myself and for those women. I wrote Insipid because none of us needs to go through it alone.