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I bet the time I spent in the customs line lasted much longer than this meeting. #ohcanada🇨🇦 #thursdaymadness #toronto #leoburnett More often than not, it's a long, long climb to the top. So just enjoy the (elevator) ride, will you? #thelondonweho #livelikechristine #inthislife2016 Coming home  to fall. #blessed #fall🍁 #sundaymorning #midwestliving Halfway into the month of big decisions. #October #blessed #prayers #lifeisbeautiful #livelikechristine Celebrating a birthday. And new beginnings. And shopping. And all the little blessings in front of us every single day. #iloveny #wednesdayfriendsday #newyorkcity #lifeisbeautiful Good morning, NYC! Exhausted but happy. #bedhead #sleepy #tuesdaymorning #iloveny #meetings #deadlines #ilovemyjob

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A Benefit for A Friend


Rise Up Cover




We all know how fragile life is, especially when faced with a life threatening illness.

Stephenie Thomas is a 37 year old mother of 3 boys, wife, friend, reader, and a HUGE indie blogger and lover! Stephenie has done so much for the indie author/reading community, and now it’s time for us to help her. She is fighting an aggressive form of cancer called glioblastoma that will accrue mounds of medical bills.

The indie community has come together in hopes of helping relieve some of the financial stress, so that Stephenie and her family can concentrate on her fight.

Let’s help Stephenie kick this cancer’s butt!






1. What Happens Tomorrow – Elle Michaels

2. Insipid — Christine Brae

3. Bouquet Toss — Melissa Brown

4. Can’t Go Home — Angelisa Stone

5. Point of Submission by Remy Landon

6. Breakaway by Lindsay Paige and Mary Smith

7. A Love by Any Measure by Killian McRae

8. Discovering Lucy – Laura Dunaway

9. Something’s Come Up – Andrea Randall and Michelle Pace

10. By A Thread – RL Griffin

11. Honest Love – CM Hutton

12. Serendipity – Stacey Bentley

13. Haven from the Storm – Sarah Dosher

14. Damaged – Nina D’Angelo




1. Always There – Carol Ann Albright-Eastman

2. Republic – Charles Sheehan-Miles

3. Seeds of Hate – Melissa Perea

4. In The Fields – Willow Aster

5. Bar Crawl – Andrea Randall

6. Totaled – Stacey Grice

7. Running from Forever – Ashley Wilcox

8. Crossing Paths – Melanie Stinnet

9. Going Home – Rhonda Dennis

10. Never Goodbye – Kerri Williams

11. Without Boundaries – CJ Azavedo

12. Binds – Rebecca Espinoza

13. The Forgotten Ones – Laura Howard


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