Two Months Later….

So it’s been two months since Insipid was released – how have you all been out there? It’s such a blessing for me to be able to interact with so many of you everyday. I miss writing on the blog, just getting my thoughts on paper. It’s been a crazy summer – work is work – still “implementing a new ERP system” at the office (for those of you who have read Insipid) and my thirteen year old starts school very soon. It’s going to be a big year for him – 8th Grade!  Work and traveling are going to take a backseat to his many school activities for the year.

I thought I’d write this post to let you all know that I still love hearing from all of you who are new friends. The Street Team is thriving, there is much activity over there each and every day. I don’t think I could ever imagine the day before all those wonderful women came into my life. They are old souls, kindred friends. I am so thankful that I get to drop in on their lives every single day.

And yes, I am still writing. I posted an unedited teaser last week on Facebook and I love that the reaction to my words has been very encouraging. I do have two very special people reading it as I go along…I trust their opinions completely and so far they are enjoying it! I’m hoping to release it in very early 2015.

I’ll be signing at the Red Dirt BoCo Event in Oklahoma next weekend (August 30) and will be a panelist and signer at the Penned Con event in St. Louis on September 13.

I truly hope to see you all there!