Happy Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving holiday is a huge deal. We all place a great deal of effort in ensuring that all of our celebrations are a big success. Whether or not you’re hosting at home, traveling to friends or relatives or spending a nice quiet week with your family – many of us take the opportunity to cast aside the pressures of our respective lives to eat, drink and decompress.

So now that we’re home recovering from two days of eating ourselves to death (one day spent cooking and nibbling, the other day spent consuming everything laid out on our tables) – were we able to revel in the gratitude, the thankfulness that we each espouse as we remember the events of our past year?

As I sit here in my pajamas, alternating between the daunting task of editing the new book and the silent reflection on the past year in my life, I can think of so many things to be thankful for.

For my family who stood by me during this crazy, wacky year.

For Brae’s Butterflies and all of the friendships I have formed with the women in my Street Team. We are all so different and yet bound so closely by the many things we have in common. Interacting with them has been the highlight of my days.

For my job, my career, the people I work with and for the challenges that have presented me with endless opportunities and growth.

For finally, finally finding an Agent who is so like me, who is driven by her genuine concern and support for the things that I write. That was one phone call I will never forget.

And for the people in my life who have come and gone and who may have come back again. Who would have imagined that you would all be teaching me many of my life’s valuable lessons?

Thank you for all this and more. For gracing my life with faith and goodness, for your kindness and love and all out support. To the followers of this blog, to everyone who has taken the time to read and review my books. I’m so fortunate to be here. I’m so lucky to have you.

I don’t know how 2015 is ever going to top this – but I’m looking forward to whatever else it may bring. Here’s to gratitude and love and joy and tears and of course, lots of shopping!