Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring you and your family the blessings of health, happiness and so much love.

This year, may you learn to love fully and selflessly, without reservation or restraint. Whether it be the right person or the wrong person. Don’t be afraid to love with all your heart.

Learn to be proud of who you are and what you stand for. Say what you want, write what you please. Take responsibility for your success. You worked hard for what you have. Own it.

Learn to fight for what you want because you’re worth it. Spoil yourself with the finer things in life. Because it is only when you have them that you will realize that they can’t fill your heart, and that they will never define who you really are.

Learn to laugh at yourself and with others. Share that sweet sound of your laughter with those around you. Don’t make the mistake of laughing less as you get older.

And Live. Really live. Enjoy all that life has to offer. And do so with peace in your heart.

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Wife, mother, career woman, avid reader and writer.

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