Own Your Life

Yesterday, InD’Tale magazine published my very first interview ever in their summer double issue. This wonderful experience took place many months ago, when the Chicago winter blanketed the ground with inches and inches of snow.  You can imagine how nostalgic I felt as I read my words over again two very different seasons later.  I was a little concerned. My inexperience, my personality, they all just collaborated together to produce a very telling article. And then I woke up this morning to many Facebook messages from people who were emotionally touched by what was written in the interview. Many were amazed at the candidness of my answers, the openness towards exposing my strengths and my weaknesses.  Which made me think, why would I do such a thing? Why not keep the aura of mystery around me like so many others out there? Will it ruin my brand? Make me look ordinary? Make me any less worthy of success?

And then another thought. Well, maybe no one will read it and it will just fade away. The article has only been out for two days, so who knows?

But there is one thing I do know. And that is this – I own my life.

I own all my mistakes, my slipups, my failures. I wear them like a badge of honor because they all make up every single bit of who I am.  There is no accomplishment without defeat. Marriages don’t get stronger without challenges. Children don’t learn value unless you show them hardship. Love comes at you from all directions, you take it as it comes and return it as you see fit.  Loving the right person or the wrong person – it leaves you with wonderful memories you will never forget. It leads you to your “new normal” because you’re different now. You’ve changed and if they love you, they change right with you.

Remember that every crazy decision you’ve made leads to (eventually) the right decision.

I’m standing by this interview and everything in it. And those who know me aren’t really that surprised. That’s just the way I am. That’s just the way I live my life.

*I would like to thank TJ McKay for giving me the opportunity of being featured in the Indie world’s biggest online magazine. I never imagined that sitting down for this interview would result in my gaining a new friend.  Throughout this whole process, TJ was kind and understanding. She went out of her way to make sure that I was comfortable with the information that was going to be released. I am so lucky to have met someone who I felt a special connection with, someone who is now a special part of my ever so crazy life. CLICK HERE to read the article.