Steamy hot but a lot of laughs – The Traveling Bookshelf Event

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It all started at the airport. When the friend I met for the weekend arrived at Terminal E, swore that it was a small airport and that I should wait for her at Terminal A. Of course, that was right before her luggage ended up on a later flight. If she weren’t so entertaining, I don’t think I would have survived the endless loop of the shuttle bus through miles and miles of terminal doors and the stress of rushing back to catch the flight that had her precious luggage. Yeah, it was a tiny airport.

Between trips to Walmart for a Sim Card, a day at the mall, a few minutes at the Water Garden (she was afraid of heights), ending up with a very nice personal driver named Ibram, Sundance Square and West 7th – Fort Worth was a blast!  Couple that with finally meeting the people who started this journey with me two years ago (I blogged for the Indie Bookshelf, did you know?), as well as meeting some of my favorite authors (Trudy Styles, Rebecca Shea and many others) and seeing old friends (Katy Perez, Sarah Dosher, Colleen Hoover), it was definitely a weekend I will always remember.

I still don’t know what “Honky Tonk” means, but we’ll save that for another day.