Next Stop: Home

It seemed like a fun idea, a chance for me and two friends to get away, to relax, to see another part of the world. And then I thought, since we were already going to be there, why not have a small book signing? Something we can do independently, one day in between the sun and the sea and the shopping?

I reached out to my sister’s best friend who owns the company that runs the Manila International Book Fair.

Tinette was in. She said, let’s rent another room adjacent to the event and the three of you can sit and sign some books.

She reached out  to let National Book Store know that this was happening.

One year later, here we are.

Thank you, Tinette Capistrano, James Abuan, Chad Dee and Louella Tumaneng. And my sisters, who are constantly taking orders from me despite their busy schedules. Can’t wait to see you all.


Poster - CTC