Meet My Butterflies!

They are my inspiration, my friends, my family. Normal people who have welcomed me into their daily lives. Each week, we talk, we laugh, we share stories about each other. Their love, their support, their encouragement and friendship have always been a huge part of my life, my stories and my writing. Consider yourself lucky enough to meet them. I thank God for their presence every single day.  We are now 90 members strong, and 25 of them have willingly agreed to share themselves today. Listen to what they have to say!


1. Best personality trait and worst personality trait
2. If you were to have lunch with anyone you choose, who would it be and why?
3. Top three things (or people) you can’t live without
4. What’s in your purse right now?
5. What do you like about being in this group?


1. Best personality trait – I’m very friendly and loyal. Worst personality trait – I’m really sensitive.
2. If you were to have lunch with anyone you choose, who would it be and why?
YOU, my lovely friend, I’m just dying to meet you and give you a big hug.
3. Top three things (or people) you can’t live without
My family (my really close friends are my family too), my computer/phone and books.
4. What’s in your purse right now?
My wallet, kleenex, perfume spray, and change that I didn’t put in my wallet. If I were to go out I carry my kindle as well.
5. What do you like about being in this group?
What I love the most about this fabulous group is that we love books so passionately that through the lovely Christine Brae we all came together. Formed this amazing group where we can share about anything. If it weren’t for this group I wouldn’t have met these other lovely BBs. We are this one big family who are crazy about Christine Brae and books.


1) best personality trait- loyal
Worst personality trait- anxious
2) Oprah Winfrey- I was a communication, journalist major because she inspired me. She has such positive energy and I could definitely use some of that. And I mean, come on, she’s OPRAH!!!!
3)my kindle, wine, and my gym and gym friends
4) make-up bag full of lipsticks, and lip balms, Christmas shopping receipts, granola bars for the kids, pack of gum
5) the passion we share for good books. The support that we always offer one another, the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with no judgement, and the connection and devotion that Christine has to her readers.


1. Most of my friends are saying that I am kind and generous but I don’t think so. I am more like a lazy, a bully, a grumpy. I see myself a mixture of intimidation and snob. I tend to live on my own world.
2. Adele. No questions asked.
3. Books, Friendships and Travelling.
4. Coins, Identification cards, Discount Cards.
5. What I like about this group is we are all bookworms! Readers tend to understand other readers without judgement(maybe a little but we know how to keep our mouth shut), we are open-minded in a way, we accept other opinions. smile emoticon I like how we are being connected even if we are miles away with each other.

  1. I guess my best trait is my loyalty to the ones I love like I’ll try to help  them in any way possible. The worst would be I can be kind of dense and I’m super sensitive but would not tell anyone if they offended me like I’ll just keep my mouth shut and sulk.
    2. Robert Downey Jr. just because.
  2. Books. Music. Friends and family.
  3. Wallet, coin purse, a paperback book, charger, planner, a notebook for random stuff, and a pen.
    5. I love how we’re all here because we share something in common and that’s awesome. We come from different places, different backgrounds but are brought together because of our love of books and we are there for each other.

1. Best and worst in one – Highly emotional and passionate about things I love. If I love something, I love it deeply, but that causes a lot of pain too
2. Dead -FDR. He is my favorite president of all time and it would be an honor to speak to him
Alive – you Christine Brae. You’re my bucket list author
3. My family (they are a package)
My best friend Tina (she’s my rock), My books
4. D&B clutch, keys, pens and chapstick
5. The confidentiality of knowing that we can post and not be judged. The closeness of getting to know you.


1. Best personality trait: They say I’m kind, sweet and patient. But I can also get frustrated easily.
2. I would love to have lunch with you Christine Brae so we can have a long chat without being rushed and just talked about anything under the sun
3. Top three things I can’t live without: God, my husband and our daughter.
4. Since it’s a work week, inside my work purse are: my mobile office/folder, inhaler and medications, cosmetic bag with my lip moisturizer, lip gloss, eye drops, reading glasses, sun glasses, work badge and wallet.
5. I consider myself lucky to be included in this group of beautiful ladies. I love that we share the love of reading books, the camaraderie among us regardless of age and color and culture.


My best personality trait is like I would never intentionally hurt someone even if I get hurt myself and my worst is i get irritated so easily!
2. Buddha cause of his wisdom
3. My two kids & hubby
4. My check book & my wallet. I hate to put extra things in my purse
5. Everything! You guys are like my second family!

  1. Best personality would be my sense of humor. Idk, someone once told me that being in an ocean of people you don’t know for the first time makes them very anxious and me joking around made them a bit feel welcomed and not so out of place so I guess that’s says something Hahaha! Worst trait I guess would be having a very low self esteem. Idk it has always been that way for me lol
  2. I have two actually. First would be my Dad, there’s just so many things I still wanted to say and talk to him about that I didn’t got to let out before. And the other one would be you,Christine! Its really fun and a huge honor having to chat with you over food and stuffsmile emoticon
    3. Books, Friendship and Mobile Device (w/ internet lol)
    4. A twenty peso bill lol, discount cards from two different bookstores, and a few receipts.
    5. The sense of togetherness. I mean most of us don’t know each other but I feel the belongingness of one another here and that’s what I like being in this group.



1. Best personality trait – I’ve been told by friends and family that I am strong and not easily rattled. 2. Worst personality trait – Foot in mouth disease, opinionated. 3. Person I would like to have lunch with: Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Duterte (both candidates for Presidential election in the Philippines) both are well known for being feisty and strong characters. I would like to listen to them argue. 3. Things I can’t live without: my family, friends and books 4. My wallet, Guide Dogs ID badge, pen, rosary beads 5. We are linked together by our love of books, I can share some of my “issues” in here and not be judged I hope. Or if you do you keep it to yourself. LOL, Ooops almost forgot my photo.


1) Best-thoughtful;  Worst-procrastination
2) Since I’ve had the extreme pleasure of meeting and had lunch with Christine, now I really would love to meet Leylah Attar. But we would need to drink our lunch!!
3). My family, e-reader, mochas!!
4)Too much crap in my purse right now!!
5)Kindness! And of course the support and sharing with one another!


As I have been told ~ I’m a very loyal, and very good friend.
I have kept friendships since the day I met them (no fights,etc), in every city my family moved in. 23 years and 16 years so far, and I’m only 31 (shhhhh)
Also, I’m procrastinating and I’m swearing a lot.
2. Michael Fassbender. Because? Come on, he is the sexiest man alive.
3. Family, Friends and Coffee.
4. Oh ~ wallet, tablet, mobile phone, cleaning wipes, keys, headphones,handcream,wrist bandage, sunglasses, a small make up pouch, and a small first aid kit. LOL
5. We all have at least 2 commons. Love reading and love CB’s books.
Also, the group is never inactive, there is always something going on, something to share, serious or silly. A group of friends you never thought you’ll meet, all around the world.


1. Best Personality Trait: Friendly and Fun to be with. Worst Personality Trait: I procrastinate.
2. God because I’ve got a lot of questions to ask that needs to be answered and feelings, emotions and secrets to share and I’m afraid to share these things with anyone because he/she might judge me.
Nick Bateman because he’s so handsome and hot af!! Hahaha
3. Music, Books, & “Family and Friends” (just consider them as one lol)
4. A fifty peso bill and some coins, my atm and national book store card, alternative bookmarks (like random papers from school and laminated wallet size pics) , movie tickets (YES! I COLLECT THEM), charger and a perfume.
5. Being in this group, we get to discuss our feelings about books and being an avid reader. I get to know more people and have fun and do other stuffs that I do not usually do. It also makes me happy that I can share some of what’s going on and I get to interact with all of you especially Christine. Love you all!


1. Best personality trait- good listener
Worst trait- low self-esteem
2. Aside from you I would choose Lesley Jones because she wrote the book that really made me ugly cry soooo hard and made me so vulnerable.
3. 3 things I can’t live without is my family, books and cellphone( because of my kindle, wattpad and e-reader)
4. Money, mobile phone, lip gloss.
5. What I love about being in this group is that we are a big family who shares the same love for books. We may have different opinions but at the end of the day we are all book lovers.


1. Best: Being a good listener; Worst: Procrastination and compulsive buying especially when it comes to books I love
2. I would do anything to have dinner with Gordon Ramsay of Masterchef. And maybe plead that he should cook our food. I would love him even more if that happened.
3. Three things I can’t live without : loved ones, music and books
4. Office keys, wallet, lipstick, headset, mobile phone and receipts
5. Even though I’m a lurker, and barely post or comment and we don’t know each other in this group, we get to have a glimpse of someone’s life because they share what they are feeling and doing in their lives by posting it here. Trusting that we will never be judged especially when we rant or for being blunt. Also, the feeling of oneness for our love for Christine and books.


1. best personalty trait: kind; worst: procrastinator
2. i would love to have lunch with you, Christine and the rest of the Sinclairs because I miss you guys so much.
3. top 3: family, books and music
4. wallet, hair brush, lip tint and foundation powder
5. I like that everyone here are from different nationalities and yet despite our differences, our same fondness for your works unite us and gives us a chance to meet the friends we haven’t met yet


Best personality Trait – fun loving Worst – too sensitive who would I have lunch with JFK. My dad and I’ve been told that we would like them. My dad Jack and me Rose. The family has a lot of history and I’m sure it would be very interesting. Who can’t I live without I have more than 3 – my hubby/daughter – My family and my 2 best friends Tiffany and Joanna. My wallet, cellphone, coupons/receipt, keys and lip gloss This group we are bookworms and share one of my favorite authors


1. best- loyal, to the extreme like i could die for you, worst- procrastination
2. pope francis- i’m so fascinated by him, he is a game changer in the church and i admire him for that
3. my family, friends and my ipad
4. my purse is like my house it’s so heavy people wonder how i can carry it. wallet, rosary, lippies, meds, personal hygiene products, pashmina…. and the list goes on
5. the kindness of people



1) Best – It doesn’t sound right coming from me, but I’m really compassionate, especially with my friends.
Worst – I’m such an introvert. I met some people in here before and I got shy talking to them in person 😑
2) TAYLOR SWIFT. She’s really the most influential person in my life. I learned a lot from her and I’ve been idolizing her for the past 7 years.
3) Taylor Swift, Books, my parents.
4) my notepad, pen, face powder, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, ID and wallet. Daily essentials
5) There are soooo many nice people in here and some I’ll probably never get to meet in person but we have you, Christine, in common so they’re all part of my life, too.


1. I’m not really good at being friendly but if we became friends, I’d be one of the best friends you’d ever have. Hmm, my worst personality would probably me being an introvert. I don’t really talk to people a lot.
2. Harry Styles. No questions asked.
3. Books, music, and phone. LOL.
4. Money, Fully Booked discount card, and identification card.
5. It might sound cheesy but I feel like I’ve found a new family in this group. I feel like even if we’re thosands of miles apart from each other, we’re together. Somehow, it made me feel that I belong. Hah, being emotional, are we? But I really am blessed to be a part of this group. Thank you, BBs!


1. Best- I’m selfless I guess. I’ll choose not sleeping than bothering people to help me. I’ll go home late to help someone with their requirements even though I find them rude. Worst- I have a temper but I’ll never let anyone know I’m mad at them and I’m insecure. I’m scared of opening up and saying what I’m feeling.
2. I’ll have lunch with my guidance counselor. I just met her last Tuesday and she wouldn’t stay in our school. It was the first time I opened up my whole story to anyone, but she gave me validation or permission that after I went through…I deserve to find my happiness and that I’m strong. She also loves books.
3. My mom- we fight but I can’t imagine my life without her. My group of boys- There’s 7 of them and they serve as my protectors, my source of happiness and understanding. We’ve been together since 6th grade and now we’re apart for college but we try to communicate and I can’t imagine how things would’ve been if we lost communication and finally authors of books. Books became my shield against my troubles if without these authors, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have reached the age of 16.
4. My camera, sketch pad and lipgloss.
5. I love how people ask how they are and how’s their week. What they’re dealing with and what they’re feeling.


1. Best/Worst…I forgive easily. Where that is great in most instances it is terrible when it comes to my kids because I have a hard time sticking to punishments that they deserve/need.
2. Would LOVE to have lunch with you and all the BB’s!
3. My husband and 3 boys
My two sisters/best friends
My kindle
4. The basics…Wallet and keys, the rest is chaos!
5. I LOVE this group because each and every BB is a sweet, caring, genuine person that shares the love of books and you Christine. And I always feel safe and never worry about being judged here…THANK YOU for creating this beautiful group for all the Beautiful Butterflies!


1. My best personality would be, I’m super friendly, my sense of humor and I don’t easily angered, I can’t get mad to someone for a long time. Worst? I’m really that sensitive and an attention seeker freak.
2. Maybe with my Dad. I’ve only seen him once when I was three year old. Yeah I never forgotten that moment. Also if not my Dad, I want my Mom. She deserves it after all.
3. Family. Friends. Books
4. Bills, coins, receipts of purchased books, book signing passes, my photo when I was 8 and chocolate wrappers??
5. What I want in this group is that we all shared the same passion here (reading and supporting Christine) and the feeling of belongingness in here. It felt like we’re one big happy family here even we don’t have that much conversations. And no matter how, distance, religions and nationality stands between us all, we’re still united as one.


1. I’m extremely loyal and caring. Worst: I don’t trust easily.
2. Einstein, I find him absolutely fascinating. You too of course
3. My kids, my dogs and my favorite books.
4. Wallet, gloves, lip balm, lotion and eye drops.
5. I love our common love for books and your work Christine.



1. Best- very friendly
Worst- way too sensitive
2. Well, we have already done lunch… So… Charlie Hunnam bc he is my future husband, duh wink emoticon
3. Family, Chapstick and phone
4. It might be easier to list the things not in my purse. Lol. Wallet, keys, kindle, extra Chapstick, lip gloss, powder compact, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, lotion, Kleenex, random toys from my daughter lol, etc.
5. I love that we get to talk to and about our lovely, Christine! Also, we have an amazing support group for one another. We all come from somewhere different but this group brings us together to share what we are so passionate about!


1. Best personality trait – loyal, friendly and independent; worst personality trait – I don’t trust easily and sometimes insensitive
2. If you were to have lunch with anyone you choose, who would it be and why?
-my Aunt who died in Cancer, I’d like to hug and thank her for everything she’ve done for the family.
3. Top three things (or people) you can’t live without
-things: passport, cellphone and my iPad with all my ebooks.
-people: family, extended family and friends.
4. What’s in your purse right now?
-cellphone, OTG usb, planner, wallet, sanitizer and lip moisturizer.
5. What do you like about being in this group?
-being part of the family. I feel at home sharing my thoughts and ideas about books and sometimes our personal experiences. We have belongingness and closeness in this group even we haven’t met personally.



1. My best personality trait would be being flexible. I can go along just fine with different kinds of people. My worst would be…. I’m lazy! Hahahaha!!! Lazy when I know there are people around me who can do certain things like making a cup of coffee, pressing the floor number on the elevator.
2. I only have to pick one? That is so hard! I wanted to have lunch with my co-bloggers and readers. For sure, lunch will last one whole day
3. Top three will be, my iphone, books, e-book reader.
4. Lipstick, usb charger, coins, face powder.
5. I love how I can interact not only with the readers but also with the Author. I love how everyone in here share similarities of a thing or two of what they love. I feel comfortable in here and and that’s what important.


1. Best personality trait would be my honesty. I believe honesty is very important in any relationship and I expect the same from others.
My worst trait would be taking everything said or done personally haha. Maybe I’m egocentric and insecure, I don’t know.
2. I would love to meet my favorite indie authors which includes Christine. I think it would be very interesting to meet an author who has written books you love. I would also love to meet a friend from US who I met because of our love for a book.
3. My family, my friends and my dogs. They are everything.
4. Cell phone, money, lip gloss, tissues, mints or candy and camera . I usually have it full of random things, haha.
5. I love book groups because we can share our love for reading and it’s amazing how the same story can have so many different views. We can talk about anything else at the same time and that’s a good combination to have a good time online.


1. Best personality trait: I am faithful. I am not a quitter. The more difficult the circumstances are the more challenged I am. (In a positive way)
Worst personality trait: I’m an obssesive-compulsive kind of person. I want all things in proper order. I’m a perfectionist. And I also have a massive book buying disorder.
2. The person I would like to have lunch with is Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s my idol and he has a kind heart. Sherlock will always be my fave TV Series.
3. Things/people I can’t live without are my family, friends and of course books!
4. Things inside my purse: family picture, money, rosary and book cards.
5. I love this group because we share the same passion for reading books. It makes me happy that I get to have lots of friends here and to have conversations with Ms. Christine Brae, an author who is close to my heart. I will always be grateful to be part of this group.



  1. Best personality trait and worst personality trait MY best personality, I guess, is that I’m easy to get along with. I mean, if you start talking about books we are already BFFs! And I’m very passionate and dedicated to anything i love.  worst personality? LAZY AF. lol
  2. If you were to have lunch with anyone you choose, who would it be and why? This is soooo hard! But right now, I want to have lunch with the Shadowhunter TV cast because I adore them all especially MATTHEW DADDARIO!
  3. Top three things (or people) you can’t live without BOOKS, friends and any means of communication (preferably THE internet! lol)
  4. What’s in your purse right now? wallet, IDs, receipts
  5. What do you like about being in this group? I love that even if we are from different sides of the world with different cultures and such, we share the same passion in reading. We may have different tastes in books but everyone respects each other’s views or preferences. We also get to share our feelings (sometimes, rants too!) and make friends with other people not just within our own country. Lastly, what i love the most in this group is you, Christine! because you unite us with your amazing stories and I’m grateful for that!