It’s Finally Here. Release Week!


It’s Release Week and I’m home today, enjoying the holiday with my family. After all, doesn’t it all start with a quiet, peaceful moment before it all turns into chaos? No, I’m not being presumptuous. For all you know, this book will come out with a whimper and limp along quietly like the rest of the books I’ve released.  I’m referring to the chaos that has been my life for the last eighteen months.

You see, I wrote this book while I was on a major project at work, traveling every week from Chicago to many different places both locally and abroad, sorting out myself and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. It consumed my every waking day. I had a goal and a purpose, I wanted to leave the Indie world and patiently wait to be picked up by a publisher. But I knew that I didn’t have much time. I know it was unfair, but I only gave my Agent two months to get this book in their hands. And when they asked for the manuscript and took too long to review it, I pulled it back out and decided to self publish. Eighteen months of reviewing, re-editing and re writing was far too much for me. I needed to move on, wrap my head around the next new project, make up for the time that I had missed with my family, focus on my career.

And so here we are.

In four days, this book will be in your hands.

I went on radio to promote the book and dish out love advice. I flew to Seattle to get the world’s biggest cult leader to take my pictures and make me look pretty. I came out at work to people who only knew me as a Controller and risked the fact that now they’ll be giving me the stink eye in future meetings. I gathered up all my frequent flyer points to offer readers a trip to my two favorite places in the world. I posted on social media until I was sick of seeing myself on my own pages. I gave away a book to anyone who was so graciously willing to give their time to read it.

All because I believe in Jude, Anna and Dante so much. I want you all to meet them and live their story.

I think I’ve done all I can to promote this book, don’t you?

Now it’s time to let the book speak for itself. I sure hope it does. Wish me luck!