Two Peas in a PODcast

If you’ve given me a chance and read my books, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I have always believed that we meet people for a reason. No matter the outcome, how short or how long they grace your life for, they’re in it that brief moment for a purpose. Once again, my theory has been proven right. And it happened like this….

A few weeks ago, I began to browse through the tags of my newest favorite hangout (which shall remain unnamed) and came across a woman on Instagram with the name of @revete. Not only was she beautiful, but she exuded this confidence about her that jumped at me from the pictures on my phone. She had an aura of kindness and energy. Her immediate response after I commented on her picture one day, led to many more instances of friendly banter between us. When I received a message from her about her next visit to Chicago, I was floored. Why would this beautiful, accomplished, polished and famous woman want to meet someone like me?

Don’t question the good things in your life.

We met one day for a really quick and hurried lunch. She was on her way to deliver her Corporate Training at a company south of Chicago, and I was in between a meeting with my boss and a meeting with my team. In that brief hour, I was fortunate enough to witness the start of a friendship. Here we were, two strangers, talking about everything and anything. It felt like we had been friends for a very long time. And what struck me most was the peace that this woman brought to our space. All of the noise in my head disappeared in that hour, our conversation was light and inspiring and hopeful.

We have much in common. We are both strong and independent, successful in our own right, creative and innovative. We are mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. We live our lives in gratitude and find every opportunity to give back to our community.

She works out every single day.

I do not.

@Revete is a Miami mover and shaker, a Life Coach, a Trainer, a Marketing guru, a larger than life personality and an inspiring motivator. To me she is also a blessing and a friend.

What a privilege to have my very first Podcast on her blog. I don’t know what her questions will be, but bring them on!

Check out her blog at And stay tuned for more information on our plans for the summer launch of In this Life in Miami!

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