Words from the Heart

Google the word PODCAST and a host of entries turn up. A podcast, I found out is sort of like a radio interview, except that it isn’t live and can be edited for release at a later date. When I signed up to join a Podcast for my friend, Magda’s blog, I really didn’t know what it is I had to do.

“Call this number, and once I answer it, we are live,” she said to me. And that’s exactly what I did. From a meeting room in an office in New York last week, I sat facing a speaker phone and had a lighthearted conversation with a sultry voiced woman on the other end of the line. For almost thirty minutes, we talked about life, mine and hers, our careers, my points of view on writing and what it means to me.


The result of this interview was amazing. I gained new friends, new interest in my latest book, In This Life. I learned that the people from Miami are warm hearted and welcoming. But most of all, I learned the importance of being true to yourself. People come and go in your life, and what happens while they are in it, whether fleeting or enduring, is what matters. Take the bull by the horns, go with it, take every opportunity you are given, because your growth as a person depends on it.

Live your life with gratitude. Be gracious, be fearless. Every experience is priceless. Run through that open door because chances are, there are things out there that are meant only for YOU.