In This Life in the 305

Miami is a place that’s familiar to me. Years ago, while working for a large logistics company, I had the opportunity to work in an office in Miami when the company’s owner decided to move the head office back to his hometown. For months, I flew back and forth between Chicago and Miami, spent weekends with co-workers in clubs around South Beach and felt right at home in a culture that was warm, familial, sun kissed and fun.  Lucky for me, I was offered the chance to set up residence in that ever exciting city, given a package that included housing and relocation. It was an exciting time for my family. Back then, our children were teenagers, stoked about the prospect of living by the beach.

Three house and school hunting trips later, we decided to stay put in Chicago. We thought that moving our children to a new place at that age, where the pressures of work would have me away for extended periods of time, was just not feasible. I don’t regret the decision we had made, but I often wonder what it would be like if we had made Miami our home.

Fast forward to 2016 – meeting and working with a woman with the biggest, kindest heart who happens to be from Miami! Her love for my book and the friendship that we’ve started is giving me the once in a lifetime chance to launch In This Life. The warm welcome I have received so far has been heartwarming. I can only hope that I don’t let you all down.

Thank you, Miami, for welcoming me into your city, into your hearts and into your bookshelves. Thank you to Magda Lopez and @revete for arranging what is going to be the most exciting tour of the year!

Here’s a tentative schedule – more information will follow as the events get closer.

Friday, August 5:

Signing and Meet and Greet at Books and Books, 8pm. Click HERE to sign up for this event, sponsored by @revete


Saturday, August 6

Just Another Book Signing (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) – a separate event hosted by Love Affair with Fiction, 10:30 am

Sunday, August 7

Meet, Greet and Drinks at Mortar and Pistil (CLICK HERE FOR LINK), complete with a special In This Life Drink, sponsored by @revete. Proceeds of entrance fee to be donated to the Pajama Program, Dade County Chapter