Eight Goodbyes – Coming Soon!


Sometimes it takes a while for your characters to find their voice. But when they do, it’s like magic. They speak to you every waking hour, you become them, they become you.

And so, 46k words in, my new novel about two people who learn about life as they meet in different places around the world, has a new title. Simon and Tessa are taking this story in a different direction. And I’m going to let them lead the way. After all, none of my characters have ever let me down.

One note – this one is light and breezy, romantic and funny. It is also loosely based on all the trips I’d taken in the past two years. (That’s my passport in the picture and it’s full!) So, once again, I’m going to share my heart with you. Because you’ve all gone through it. And I want you to know, that I have too.