In This Life on Audiobook!

Great news!  In This Life is now on Audio! I’d never really listened to an audio book before and so when I decided to put this book up for production, I didn’t really know what to expect.  When a narrator named Anna Kasabian auditioned for the part, it was my first foray into this new world – listening to your words being read back to you.

Anna and I quickly struck a friendship – we had quite a few things in common. But aside from that, she developed an emotional kinship to this book – something, as you know, means the world to me. I gave the film rights away for the same reason. I chose Anna for this project because she was so invested in Anna, Jude and Dante’s voices. The result is a wonderful rendition of what they would have been like if we could hear them actually speak.

Thank you, Anna Kasabian for bringing this book to life with your voice, your emotions and your (real) tears.

Learn more about Anna HERE and her creativity and art HERE.

Check out In this Life on audio HERE and on iTunes and Audible.


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  1. I looked forward to reading each chapter, each day and so happy to be a part of this beautifully written and touching story.

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