Which Way?

Which way to go?
Which way to go?

They say that change is a constant. That it’s inevitable. And yet, like everyone else, I seem to struggle with it every time it comes knocking at my door. Just when I think I’ve finally adjusted, when I’ve got a routine that seems to work, something happens to throw me off my game. I guess I should know better. Nothing ever really stays the same. Maybe things settle down for a few months, maybe even a few years. But the universe is constantly moving. You know, the planets orbit around the sun. And once in a while, you throw in a meteor or a stray comet that gets in the way. And then chaos ensues.

And there you are in the middle of it all.

Things are colliding. Doors are closing. New doors are opening. And you stand in the middle of the criss-crossing road. What do you do? Where do you go? Which door do you open? Which door do you close?  Who’s in it with you? Who just walked away? Which friend is worth keeping? Which one is weighing you down? Do you know? Do I know?

All this confusion! How do I stay afloat?

Here’s what I know. I know who I am. I know what I stand for. I have goals, dreams, obligations. If I can keep myself grounded, if I can live in my truth. If I can stay the course and believe that everything new is a challenge, a learning, an opportunity. Then maybe I can embrace this change. Maybe I allow the universe to take me in, immerse myself in the eye of the storm. Maybe I stand tall, while twisting and turning with the wind. Or maybe I take flight and see where it takes me.

For as long as I stay humble. For as long as I am fearless. For as long as I have the love and support of those around me. And for as long as I am honest about what I can and cannot do. What I will and will not tolerate. Then I stand a chance.

Bring it on.