This Next Time Around


I think I’ve discovered the secret to staying calm on Release Day.

Stay Busy.


Schedule an inordinate amount of meetings.

Remember that this is not your main livelihood.

I guess I’m lucky that way. There was no desperation in my demeanor, no begging for reviews nor reads from authors/bloggers. I went about my merry way, made sure that Kiki Chatfield from the NextStep PR had everything covered. My publicist, Honey Hamilton, was also set to deliver an added bonus – an exclusive that would run on the day of the release (SEE VARIETY ARTICLE HERE).



And to my happy surprise, In This Life released to an astounding reception!

And so, I write this post with a grateful heart. To my Butterflies, who shared and shared and shared until I myself was tired of seeing my name on all their posts. To the authors who went out of their way to post their well wishes, their accolades and their support.  To Adrian and Emmanuelle for picking me out of obscurity, and standing by me and my book. To the Bloggers who took the time to read Anna’s story, and to the readers who gave this book a second chance.

No one else has shown me so much kindness.