Because of You. Yes, You.

I know, right? I’ve already written my Thanksgiving post. And now I’m subjecting you all to another one. I can’t stand it when I’m wistful, or soulful or sad. That other post, man, it was a little deep wasn’t it? All this mumbo-jumbo about starting over and clean slates and all. I can imagine how tired you must be of reading my parables, vague, not so vague hints at heartbreak, heartache, wrongdoing, admission.

To be honest with you, that’s so 2015.

2016 was a crazy year, but a good year.

Which brings me to this post.

I want to say THANK YOU. To all of you, for being here. There are moments like this, sudden bouts of realization, that you do read what I write. There are 36,000 of you who receive these emails/posts whenever I hit “PUBLISH” – and to be read, to be followed, to be a part of your life. That’s epic. I mean, super epic. As in, an honor, a privilege.

I think I’ve had too much Moscato. It’s 2 am and I’m feeling mushy. And honest. And so in love.

With you.

You are the reason that I’m still here. You and your support, your love, your presence. And so, as you are quietly reading this, exhausted and full from all the Thanksgiving fanfare and the Black Friday shopping, know that my heart is filled with all kinds of happy because of YOU.