About That Box


One thing that’s prevalent around my house every Christmas season is the tremendous amount of boxes that I receive every day in December. With an utterly explosive work schedule, it’s been tough getting the time I need to do any Christmas shopping.  And so here I sit by my front door, besieged and invaded by boxes of all shape and sizes. They pile up over the course of the week, ignored and passed over until the weekend comes. But as soon as I can, I tear through them excitedly. By this time, no one knows what’s inside. The return addresses are generic, I’d ordered from so many places, I can’t keep track of who is sending me what.

Life is like that, isn’t it?

More often than not, we get a regular delivery of boxes that contain people, events and places that figure our future, point us towards our destiny. Some people open up these boxes with great caution, slowly running the blade across its seal and peaking inside before exposing it out into the open. And then there are those who tear through those cardboard flaps like a child on Christmas Day. Excited to find out what lies inside, ready and willing to take the risk. Which type of person are you?

In the past two years, I’ve torn through so many boxes delivered right in front of me. Some I never asked for, some I never expected. And none of the ones I prayed desperately for. But I go through those gifts so frantically, so passionately, each and every time. Two years ago, I opened this box. In it was bright and shiny new key. I thought it held my happiness. I thought it was what I wanted, I was sure I would give up everything I had to have it. And so in true CB style, I jumped in, risked everything I had, loved it with all my heart. The key gave me many new experiences, I lived like I was young again. I lived in different places, experienced different cultures.  But when it was finally time to open that door, the key reminded me that once I crossed the threshold, I could never go back. It broke my heart to cast that box aside. But I would never trade the experience for anything in my life.

I’m the one who jumps in with eyes closed. Good or bad, I crave the chance, the prospect, the opportunity to find new things, to grow. That’s not to say that I have no fear. Because like everyone else, I get sick with worry about things that I don’t know. Like this new job, what happens if I fail? Or 2017. This year was so great, next year is bound to suck. Or the new book. Who’s going to want to read it? Or me. Am I going to be fine? Am I going to be able to sustain this crazy, hectic life of mine? Despite all these apprehensions, I still look forward to ripping apart those boxes. Because there’s a lesson in each and every one of them. And everyone needs something new once in a while.

Here’s wishing you many joys and opportunities this Holiday Season. Don’t be afraid to tear through those boxes. There’s always something special inside it, and it’s made just for you.