2016: THE YEAR OF….


Many people say they can’t wait to get rid of 2016. In a few hours, I guess they will get their wish. I, on the other hand, am holding on to it as much as I can. Every coming year fills me with apprehension. Will it be better than the last? Or will it be worse?

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for me and I lived it out in public. The January release of In This Life, the direct message on Instagram that changed my life and gave me a lifelong friend. The book tours, particularly in Miami and Chicago. The feisty, beautiful lady who introduced me to some really cool people. Being picked up by a publisher. My promotion at work, a culmination of a two-year project that resulted in success. And I finished another book!

What you don’t know about are the parts of 2016 that I lived in private. In April, I killed myself by walking away from my heart. It had been my life for two years – a time when I couldn’t see clearly, when I was searching for something that I couldn’t find within myself. The pain, the death, the tears – surprisingly, they helped me to see things so vividly. They were the catalyst for a re-evaluation of my life.  The successes of 2016 gave me the confidence to find myself again. Since then, I’ve made decisions, cut ties, redirected my life to make sure that I take care of what’s important for me and my family.

What I’ve experienced, what I’ve lived, what I’ve learned – I would do it all over again. They are all a part of life, a part of your growth.

2016 gave me the wings that allowed me to take flight.

2016 also gave me the hands that have lead me straight back home.


Here’s wishing you the best 2017 it can ever be.




Before we totally let go of 2016, I thought I’d weigh in on the hits and misses that have made up my year.



Tarryn Fisher – this year, she taught me, drilled into me, that friends don’t give up on each other.

Valentine Ta – the one who showed me

Adrian Bellani – he restored my faith in hard work and perseverance. Also in believing that hot people can still be kind and genuine and extremely smart.

Emmanuelle Chriqui – the beautiful, supportive and better half of the power producers. Also the better half of the couple who made my dream come true.

JNiice B96 Chicago – how do you do that? make people divulge their secrets on the air?

Magda Lopez – she had me at Hello. My friend for life. Good things do happen at the Soho House

007 – Love doesn’t pick a time or place.

My Butterflies – No words. I love them so.

Bookworm Box – the people, the place, the experience. GAHHHH!

L.A and Miami – Hot, humid and totally wonderful! Adrian B, Millie Bobby Brown, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, Dave Grutman., Drake. Memories that will stay with me forever

New York, Paris – Eh. I’m always there. And how lucky is that?

In This Life – Jude and Anna on the big screen!!

Vesuvian Media – A dream come true! I want to be in Airports!

EVP –  The highest you can go. And I went.



007 – Love does pick a time and place

Instagram – OMG. What’s with the unfollows?

Facebook – Too much whining and complaining. People who rile up other people, men who have a blatant disrespect for women, women who have a blatant disrespect for themselves. People who don’t leave their house but pretend that they know everything; bloggers who’ve lost their sense of helping small authors, authors who don’t support other authors

Twitter – what to do now that Trump has won?







Topshop – that red suede fringed vest makes me look like a movie star

Rag and Bone – their sizes run big, which makes me seem smaller than I really am. And no matter what I buy from them, the fit is always perfect

Elie Tahari – statement jackets like no other

Zadig&Voltaire – Parisian Fashion, street chic, super cool

Rachel Zoe – OMG a designer for skinny calves and small people

Camouflage – I will live in it forever and ever

Louis Vuitton – their jewelry is just so hip

Saint Laurent – Once you go….

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream – That third word.

Tatcha Skincare routine– You say I don’t look 52 years old? Here’s why

Klorane Dry Shampoo and Eye Patches – it’s a French brand. Need I say more?

Kate Spade Pantsuits – they fit like a glove

Olympia Le Tan – someday these are going to be collectors’ items

Jus by Julie – Best detox if you can handle it

GILT – My secret indulgence

Under Armour – My workout choice for the year

Aritzia – Best leggings, best leather pants





Ann Taylor Loft– if you want to look like everyone else

Ann Taylor – I’m a 52 year old who does not want to look like a 52 year old

Nike – you’ll need to come up with new designs

Stitch Fix – one “fix” is like all the others

Work Outs – I just missed them. As in, literally.