The Beauty in Butterflies

Happy 2017!

Hope you’re all starting to get used to writing a different date on your checks! The first half of January has proven to be quite challenging on all fronts. With work and home and deadlines. But it’s turning out to be such a great year for our Butterflies group. It’s a new year for us too, and we’re starting it off on the right foot. Rachel Goodrich Schneider has kindly agreed to steer us in the right direction for Health and Wellness. Eight Goodbyes is finished, and soon our group will be the first ones to have access to the story of Simon and Tessa. I am truly so blessed to be a part of this team of beautiful, strong and kind human beings.

A few weeks ago, I asked my friends – what was your favorite part of 2016 and what do you wish for in 2017? Here’s what they said:

I’m Amy Vox Libris, and I’m from North Carolina. My favorite thing about 2016 was seeing my children settle into themselves and be happy with the choices they made. And books! I read so many phenomenal books in 2016. My wish for 2017 is good health for my family and friends, and more books.

Karolin Davityan from LA, my favorite thing is traveling and i wish there was no sickness!

Marilette Kabigting-Fronda  I’m Lette Fronda of Philippines and my favorite thing about 2016 was when I started buying paperbacks again, and when my kids started going to school. Witnessing them get excited is priceless. I wish and pray for continuous good health for our whole family, esp the kids’. And to receive at least 1 box of bookworm box, and lots of paperbacks, esp of my fave authors and of course to meet you, Miss Christine Brae.

Donna Nicholson D’Antonio My name is Donna. I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley in NY. My favorite thing was the birth of my new grandson Jace in 2016. I’m not sure about 2017. I wish my father wasn’t ill. One goal meet Christine Brae. We will meet your next trip to NY. Keep raising my beautiful drama queen daughter. Also, brace turning the BIG 50 in the summer.

Pepsy Herrera Antenorcruz Bolton I am a Filipina, now base in California… 2016 has its ups and down, but i do continue to be positive as 2017 is the year my son finally graduates from College all the sacrifices will be worth it… So i am claiming 2017 will be my best year ever…

Ashleigh Hensley I’m from Paris, Texas my favorite thing about 2016 was discovering book signings I have 75+ books that are signed and I cant wait to add more to my collection. My hope for 2017 is to be more positive and listen to my heart more. I also hope to be inspired and able to write my first novel.

Ashley Baker I’m from Central Texas. My favorite thing about 2016 was the great and stress-free year I’ve enjoyed with my family. I’ve also enjoyed becoming a part of this wonderful book community and reading 100 books this year. It has changed my life. I’m looking forward to another great year in 2017 with my family. I am hoping things continue for us in a similar fashion as they have this year. I’m looking forward to having another year to grow closer to the Lord, read many more great books, and further growing Brina Meier’s and my book blog.

Jane Francis Quinabo from Meycauayan City, Bulacan in the Philippines. My favorite thing about 2016 is the people. Although there are a few who were nuts, I cannot express my overwhelming love for those who went out of their way to make me feel better despite the fact that they don’t know me personally or the full situation. Such kind hearts restored my faith in online friendships. I also am surviving a recurrence, and the man who broke my heart is trying his best to heal me. Of course, the trips and bonding moments with my nephews and piglets. For 2017, I wish for peace, light, healing, and strength of spirit for the people of Aleppo and other areas in similar or worse conditions; and that the world be free from the political tension and economic depression we all experience today. I also wish to finally be declared cancer-free.

Kendra Butterfield and I live in Springdale, Arkansas, but I was born in California and then lived my teen years and most of my adult life in Las Vegas, Nevada. My favorite thing about 2016 was getting to spend my 40th birthday with my husband and children at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood. I am a gigantic nerd about HP, and I think the hubby and kids finally appreciated my love for the world after getting to experience everything in real life; it truly was unforgettable (so much so that I asked how to get a job haha). My hope/goal for 2017 is to set aside more me time, and more time with the kids!

Janica Irish from Valenzuela City Philippines. My favorite thing about 2016 are the new friends I met because of the book world and also friends I met at our new place. I am thankful for meeting new and awesome people that made me happy. Although the last quarter of the year was full of ups and downs for me but I was thankful that I was able to surpass that stage. My wish for the coming year is just simple happiness and to be strong to face the challenges ahead of me. And more great books to read.

Anna Urquiola Green born in the Philippines but now living in South East of England with family. Honestly, 2016 is not a great year for me. I had to take a long break from working with Guide Dogs for the Blind UK. Then in April I went home to visit my parents and although I had fond memories reminiscing with my ailing dad I knew that that would be our last time together. He passed away in June but I wasn’t able to go home for the funeral and I was okay with that, I’d rather remember him smiling and telling his stories than see him in a box. Now we have ongoing family drama with the inlaws. You only know a person’s true colours when a lot of money is involved. I just want peace and harmony in the family for 2017 and onwards.

Evelyn Sabal-Agcaoili I’m from Riverside, California. My favorite thing about 2016 was seeing my two sons taking a direction in life that I’m hoping and praying that it will lead them to the right path. Being a parent is hard always wanting what is best for your children. Seeing them happy with the choices they made, made me feel better that they did it on their own with our parental guidance. My hope for 2017 that there is more peace, more acceptance, and more understanding with everyone.

Rachel Goodrich Schneider My name is Rachel and I’m from Louisiana. My favorite thing about 2016 was all the incredible authors I met! 2017 will help me carry that over as well. It’s going to be a good year as we will be moving during the summer. Wishing for good vibes, positive thoughts, & safe travels for 2017.

Ale Adame I’m Ale from Mexico. My favourite thing about 2016 was going to some concerts and meeting new authors at the FIL2016. For 2017 I I’d like to keep the good grades at school. I’d also like to lose weight and finally I want to meet people and make new friends.

Maricar Alcazar Agundo Hi, I’m Maricar from Arizona. The year 2016 was not my year at all. With all the not so good things that happened, I am still hopeful that the coming year would be better. No other New Year’s resolution but to take things one stride at a time and to maintain a positive attitude.

Donna Norman Hi, I’m Donna I’m from the New Forest in Hampshire in the U.K. My favourite thing about 2016 was seriously getting back in to reading, creating my blog and finding this wonderful book community that is so welcoming no questions ask and all the wonderful authors and friends I have made and met x 2017 I will continue to meet my awesome book buddies and authors, but most of all my hope is to be happy and healthy as being diagnosed with an incurable illness sucks ass but we can wish right !! Positive thoughts to you all x love and peace xx

Angeli Ann Pura Hi, I’m Angeli. I’m from Philippines. What I love about 2016 is my new work. I meet a couple of new friends and people because of it and was also a walking distance from home therefore I got to spend more time with my family. My best friend and I also got to travel this year together. I bought paperback books – brand new and second hand, discover new authors and read books more than last year. My wish for 2017 is to travel more, buy and read more books, a new bookshelf and good health and safety of my family.