So far, I’ve written three posts that have yet to get published. And today isn’t the day for either one of them. I don’t know. So much is going on, I thought I’d focus on an update instead. I haven’t had the chance to send a newsletter, but I’m hopeful it will follow soon.

I’ve had a week of gratitude and introspect.

Upon landing in Toronto via an 8 am flight from Chicago, I was greeted by a wonderful article in Huffington Post, written by the great influencer herself, Simonetta Lein. Don’t ask me how this happened, and please don’t question her 😊 – let’s not make her regret what she did! To be featured in her column is an honor I’m not sure I deserve. But here it is! (CLICK HERE)


I snuck over to our Canadian neighbor to spend two quick days with my favorite friend. You have to know this about me – the term “friend” is very rarely used in my vocabulary. That’s because I demand so much from a friendship that only a few people have been willing to give of themselves to fall into that category. What a blessed two days! We laughed, we (attempted to) drink, we ate, we talked, we walked. And walked. And walked. Have you ever noticed that leather sandals aren’t really made for walking long distances?

That Air BNB we rented was amazing! The balcony overlooking the city, the lights, the buzz all around us, even the sound of running water from a fountain seventeen floors below us – they allowed me to come back to center, grounded me, relaxed me immensely. I’m in love with Toronto. With the people. The places. The art. The creative vibe all around me. (Is it because that friend was also one of the most prolific authors I know?) The night life, the food.


That same week, I signed a contract with Anvil Publishing to write and publish a book specifically for the Asian market! Anvil Publishing is the largest Asian printing and publishing company. Their distributing arm is called Spark Media. PRESSURE! When I agreed to do this, I was only 10,000 words in. Now, the words are flowing and I am inspired. We’re pushing for a Valentine’s Day release. With Eight Goodbyes in active pitch, In This Life in progress, so many good things are happening!


This one’s a heart breaker! Just saying. And that handwriting. Only an artist like Leylah Attar can write like that.

Three huge happenings in one extraordinary week.

Did I tell you that it’s all because of YOU?  You inspire me, make me want to push myself to the limit. Many people are saying how crazy this all sounds. I have a job that takes up 20 hours of my day, and yet, I find the time to keep up with the demands of writing. It’s because you’re here. Your support and presence in my life makes this all so easy.

To All of You who continue to read these silly little posts,

THANK YOU for the love.