Twice Around the World

This blog post is coming to you from the Dominican Republic! A place far away from home, a sort of refuge from the wintry weather and the hectic year that was.

My American Airlines annual update told me that I circled the world twice in 2017.

In a nutshell, I think this sums up my year. I feel like I’ve circled the world more than once and I have the battle scars to show for it.

In 2017, the world was kind to me. It opened me up to new beginnings, new opportunities. It taught me many things. It brought new people into my life, took away those who didn’t want to stay. It also taught me that with great influence comes great responsibility. And that responsibility starts with integrity and honesty. Because I received so much this year, I wanted to give back just as much. Giving, mentoring, participating in committees that want to change the world – the feeling of accomplishment it offers to us is a gift that is well within our reach. Circling the world twice also meant I worked harder than I ever had in my life. It meant being relentless, proving to yourself that you deserve the success that your career has afforded you. It’s exhausting, staying on top of the game, constantly learning, challenging your skills. And because it’s a task that’s truly daunting, I feel blessed to have the most supportive, encouraging mentors and leaders in the industry. They were with me during those two trips around the world.

Being away so frequently has its own casualties and losses. Circling the world meant that I couldn’t lay down any roots this year. I couldn’t invest in people, relationships or even friendships. Thank goodness, my friends decided to invest in me.

The world is a great big place, filled with so much prospect and hope. I’m thankful for the inspiration that has allowed me to continue my passion. Through all the work, the long hours, the travels, the time away on my own, I didn’t run out of words and I didn’t run out of love or support from all of you.

Hope this season fills you with wonderful memories of the year you’ve had and that 2018 takes you on a journey you will never, ever forget.