Happy 2018!

Let Go, gracefully.

I didn’t make that phrase up. I read it somewhere today, when trying to figure out what I want to focus on this year. In 2017, I wrote about being fearless – closing your eyes and jumping in, taking risks and living with no regrets. Since then, I’ve received so many messages and notes and shares on social media about how women like myself were inspired to make 2017 The Year of Me.

It wasn’t easy. Living fearlessly meant taking risks and pushing myself to the limit when it came to work, my job and my writing. I had so much to learn, made many mistakes, took ownership of everything I did, said and asked for.  The result? Well, I still have the best job in the world, and I’ve signed with two publishers for two books releasing within six months of each other.

What a difference a year makes! After living for two years in conflict and turmoil and heartbreak, 2017 was the first full year of peace for me. Pure peace. Light. Happiness. Gratitude. Living without fear also taught me how to take responsibility for my actions – when you live in a fog for two years of your life, there is so much to make up for. Time that was lost, time with the ones I love. Taking responsibility in no way means being apologetic. Or regretful. You are who you are, you can’t skip steps, and the journey is always, always worthwhile.

2017 is done. Now we move on to 2018.

The good thing about life, is that we get to do it over again, a reboot, a re-cast, every single year.

This year, it’s time to clean house, to rid yourself of all the things that weigh you down, burden you, hurt your heart. Sounds so simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s probably the most difficult thing you’ll ever have to do. Human nature is resilient, approval seeking, loving, giving, kind. None of us have the natural propensity to push people away, to sever ties with those we love but have outgrown in one way or another.

But letting go isn’t just about relationships. It’s about setting your mind up to attract and retain the good and the positive, the nurturing parts of your life. In the same light, it is also about discarding the situations and events that bring nothing to you, that don’t help you to grow and develop as a person. It could be a toxic relationship, a one-way friendship. It can also be a fruitless job, or a habit or behavior pattern that makes you feel worthless, or wasteful or uncomfortable. Because I was too busy flying around the country, it was easier to deny that there were situations in my life I should have dealt with, unspoken words that needed to be said, credit for successes that I should have taken. This year, I’m letting go of everything that isn’t worth my time, my stress, my love, my friendship.


Let Go, gracefully.

Walk away from those who don’t deserve you.

Demand more out of your friendships. And expect your friends to demand more of you.

Cast your hurts aside and repair your relationships. Don’t waste another second missing someone when all you have to do is call. Or text. Or even email.

Forgive others for their mistakes. No one is perfect.

Remember that when we move past those who we’ve outgrown, we give the universe a chance to fill that void with something better. Give the universe the opportunity to fill your life with good things.

Let go of that drama in your life.

But do it gracefully. With dignity and style.

Here’s wishing you all a NEW YEAR full of love, happiness, peace and success.