Older and Bolder

Allow me to explain why I’d resisted it for so long. I work in an industry where youth symbolizes the infusion of new ideas, running at warp speed to keep up, even when everything else about you is dying to slow down. At work, I’m surrounded by people half my

Hope Springs

Whew. I’m here and I’ve missed you all! Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the change in seasons. Crazy isn’t exactly the word I have for this past month. More like fulfilling, enriching, exciting, challenging. And yes, maybe a little crazy too. This month, I found myself attending a

Fate and Friendship

The words aren’t coming as easily as they have in the past. And I wanted to do justice to this post because of all the feelings I’ve been wanting to convey in the week that has come and gone. It wasn’t like we’d never planned a get together before in

Those Days in the Dark (Part 1)

Let’s assume it’s been three years since your life was changed forever. You know, the type of event that catches you by surprise, grabs you by the shoulders, shakes you and pushes your face against the cold, hard ground. Nothing’s been the same since then. It changed you, changed who

Love and Gravity (My Late VDAY Post)

*(PHOTO FROM INTERNET)* It was killing me all week – not being able to write a Valentine’s Day post! And it isn’t because I didn’t try. Somehow, I’ve been all out of words lately. I think it’s because my left brain has taken over the right –  don’t know where

Riddle Me This

In the past two weeks, I’ve learned a very important lesson. That we live and breathe within seconds of an intersection, a calamity, a joyous moment, a colossal change. That our past will always surface and that the truth will always come out. It’s amazing how you think you can

The Beauty in Butterflies

Happy 2017! Hope you’re all starting to get used to writing a different date on your checks! The first half of January has proven to be quite challenging on all fronts. With work and home and deadlines. But it’s turning out to be such a great year for our Butterflies

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