You are the BRAND

So this year, I had a plan. I wanted to release “In This Life“ in January, stop writing, focus on my real job and work on strengthening my brand.As you know by now, the stop writing part was a bust.  Eight Goodbyes is finished, and will be in the hands of Jim Thomas (my editor) right […]


Every Mother’s Journey

It all starts out the same. You’re young, you fall in love once or twice  and then you get swept off your feet by the man you want to build a life with. You’re happy, he’s happy, your parents are happy, his parents are happy. You have a baby at 25 and another one at […]


The Art of Letting Go -Part I

I learned a very important lesson this week. I wouldn’t have believed it until things started happening, falling into place. I had to tie everything back to my decision weeks ago, to let go of the things that weren’t good for me. Big things, little things, anything that weighed me down instead of lifting me […]