The Beauty in Butterflies

Happy 2017! Hope you’re all starting to get used to writing a different date on your checks! The first half of January has proven to be quite challenging on all fronts. With work and home and deadlines. But it’s turning out to be such a great year for our Butterflies

2016: THE YEAR OF….

  Many people say they canโ€™t wait to get rid of 2016. In a few hours, I guess they will get their wish. I, on the other hand, am holding on to it as much as I can. Every coming year fills me with apprehension. Will it be better than

About That Box

One thing thatโ€™s prevalent around my house every Christmas season is the tremendous amount of boxes that I receive every day in December. With an utterly explosive work schedule, itโ€™s been tough getting the time I need to do any Christmas shopping. ย And so here I sit by my front

Through the Forest…In High Heels

Itโ€™s hard enough as it is, right? Being a woman in what is yet a manโ€™s world in the corporate arena. But my problem this week wasnโ€™t about men, or the boysโ€™ club, or the fact that we are still competing in a slightly disadvantaged space. Iโ€™ve always been one

Because of You. Yes, You.

I know, right? Iโ€™ve already written my Thanksgiving post. And now Iโ€™m subjecting you all to another one. I canโ€™t stand it when Iโ€™m wistful, or soulful or sad. That other post, man, it was a little deep wasnโ€™t it? All this mumbo-jumbo about starting over and clean slates and

Of Holy Doors and Thanksgiving

  I think itโ€™s fate. The way that it happened, I mean. Last Saturday, I was casually texting my friend Nelly, when she asked me โ€“ โ€œare you going to the last day of the Holy Doors today?โ€ โ€œThe what?โ€ I asked. โ€œThe Year of Mercy ends today. The Holy

This Next Time Around

I think Iโ€™ve discovered the secret to staying calm on Release Day. Stay Busy. Work. Schedule an inordinate amount of meetings. Remember that this is not your main livelihood. I guess Iโ€™m lucky that way. There was no desperation in my demeanor, no begging for reviews nor reads from authors/bloggers.

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