Of Love and Loss

  I lost a friend to cancer today. I know this term is so loosely used in the Indie book world because thatโ€™s where I met her. She was one of the first people I connected with, even before I published my first book. But she really was a friend.

Hello, Traditional Publishing

Itโ€™s me, Christine. Please forgive me if Iโ€™ve been driving you crazy for the last few months. I know, Iโ€™m still throwing my weight around like I owned this book. Sorry about that, but this is all so new to me. So, you, Vesuvian Books, have done me the honor

Interview: Next StepPR

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting with Kiki Chatfield of the NextStep PR to catch up about In This Life and all things books. Click HERE to listen!

What’s In A Book?

When my editor told me that his review of Eight Goodbyes would be delayed for as much as four weeks, I didnโ€™t know what to do with myself. Iโ€™m really narrow minded when it comes to the writing process. I guess itโ€™s because I have a full time job, my


  Secrets ruin lives, and lies protect those secretsโ€ฆ Wanting to escape her life in New York City before starting medical school in the fall, Anna Dillon convinces her best friend Dante to travel with her to Thailand on a medical mission. While volunteering in a coastal village recently ravaged

NOW ย on Audio Book!

Re-live the love story that started it all! 

Which Way?

They say that change is a constant. That itโ€™s inevitable. And yet, like everyone else, I seem to struggle with it every time it comes knocking at my door. Just when I think Iโ€™ve finally adjusted, when Iโ€™ve got a routine that seems to work, something happens to throw me

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