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Back on the Road

It’s been two years since I joined my family on our annual road trip. Seventeen hours from Chicago, in a rented van, to join my husband’s family at a beachfront house on the Outer Banks. With the work project and the new books and all the personal things that happened in recent years, it just […]

Humanity Lives Here

Like the rest of the country, I’ve been beset with so much thought, pain and regret over the events of the past week. Each one of us has a different way of reacting.  While some of us have taken to social media, decrying what happened, yelling out our disappointment in the human race, others like […]


“Suffering is redemptive,” he countered. “Didn’t he tell you that when he explained the meaning of the breaking of bread at mass?” “Who told you what?” I snapped irritably. I didn’t want to talk about Jude. I wanted to tell him how much each moment we had together meant to me. There was so much […]